Jesus in Genesis

Decoding the Bible with Hebrew

Adam’s Descendants

At first glance, the content of chapter 5 of Genesis is rather dull: a long genealogical list of Adam’s descendants. What possible spiritually uplifting message could be found in an inventory of odd sounding names and dates full of “begets”? But according to many Christian readers of Scripture, these names contain a secret message which can only be revealed if you know their meaning in Hebrew. Let’s take a closer look.

A secret message in the Hebrew names

If we string together the meaning of these ten names, we get something like this, “The man is appointed mortal sorrow, but the blessed God shall come down teaching that his death brings rest to those despairing”. What does this mean?

Hebrew makes sense of it all

For Christian readers, this peculiar sentence is an awe-inspiring revelation of the mystery of the Gospel hidden in the first ten names of the Bible. It is astounding to see evidence that right from the beginning of the Bible, God has already determined that he will send Jesus (“a man of sorrows” Isaiah 53:3) to die as a redemption for the sins of humanity. Join our live online courses and see how Biblical Hebrew will forever deepen your appreciation of Scripture. 

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