Often many lose themselves,
Then wonder how they lost their way.

Self worth hiding from them,
Eluding each and every day.

If you’re around an alcoholic,
You will learn to drink.

If you’re around a selfish person,
Selfish thoughts you learn to think.

Be with an abuser,
Someday you will abuse.

Be around a user,
Then, you learn to use it.

If you’re around a swearer,
Soon you learn to swear.

If they share their bodies with others,
Then you learn to share.

If they do not follow God,
Then you will learn to stray.

If they play their games with you,
Soon you learn to play.

Be with someone who tears you down,
Well, then you learn to tear.

Be around little compassion,
Then you’ll no longer care.

The wrong people make you self-destruct.

You’ll end up with a lost identity.

Someday you’ll ask the question,
Where did I lose me?

Author unknown