Salvation Does Not Stop With Just Being Saved – by FRANKLIN

While salvation from the penalty of sin is a one time event but this salvation continues into sanctification. The “Easy Christianity” crowd is bound to say, “I am saved now I can do what I want.” or “It is possible to be saved and never change at all.” Those are heresies that deny the real grace of God.

When a person is saved then there is the grace of God that makes the unteachable to be teachable, the sinner to be saved from their sin and there is really salvation is not just from the penalty of sin (past) but presently all born again Christians are into the process of sanctification.

The whole problem of “Easy Christianity” is the rejection of inevitable sanctification in their lives. They would slander good men of the Gospel as “works salvationists” and “Pharisees” as if they do not read the Bible that when you are saved, there ought to be change. Did they not read in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 that salvation changes the unrighteous man from their sinful lifestyles?

It is a warning that the unrighteous will never inherit God’s Kingdom but when they are saved that they are delivered from the lifestyle of sin. You cannot be saved and still live like a devil because God’s grace is already there. It is impossible to have God’s grace into the life of the believer and yet remain indifferent about sin.

Titus 2:11-14 does not make God’s grace a license to sin but it is rather what drives people away from sin. You can say but the burden of sin is there but if God can save a sinner from the penalty of sin then He will certainly save the now redeemed sinner from the power of sin.

While salvation from the penalty of sin is instantaneous and forever but the separation from the power of sin is a daily walk. Christians got saved and are now still being saved from the power of sin in their daily Christian walk. There is no such thing as instant maturity nor instant sanctification that even if Christians do not live like the rest of the world, they are still not fully mature at the moment that they are saved from the penalty of sin.

Just like fruit bearing trees do not immediately bear more fruit, Christians are likewise subjected to chastising so they will bear more fruit. This is the grace of God at work that starts to move the Christian from justification to sanctification. James 2:14-26 warns that any faith that does not produce good works is dead faith. To teach that salvation does not result to good works is just as deadly as to teach good works are necessary for salvation.

The whole event of the Christian’s life ends on Earth but never ceases in Heaven. The very last step is glorification by the grace of God. After Christians are saved from the power of sin slowly but surely then there is glorification. To be glorified is when one is fully delivered from the presence of sin into Heaven. Many Christians today wish to be glorified already but sometimes God has His purpose of letting them suffer for now for greater glory later.

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